Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The world may actually come together...

So I'm sitting here at the awesome new Zoka Coffee Shop in the U-district and I'm just thinking about all the sociologists that say that we as a society are becoming more isolated. While I think they may have a point in some areas, I think that some things are actually getting better.

I say this because I am sitting at a small round table with three other people that I have never met before, and we are all sitting here peacefully doing our homework or what not. Two of us are online via the free WiFi, and one is studying some printouts of something. What I am most surprised about is that we all seem perfectly comfortable. Strange thing is, you would never walk into a Starbucks and sit down at a table with someone else. It seems that some of the smaller cafe´s have succeed in creating an atmosphere of community that encourages us to sit closer and relax a little bit.

Who knows, we may even start talking to each other again!

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