Sunday, February 13, 2005

Wake up call for Napster

Here's what I don't get, everyone is getting so worked up about the whole Napster To Go roll out by simply jumping on the Apple vs. the World. What most people seem to miss is that people have had these types of subscription services available to them for quite some time and have still made their choice for Apple. Think about the book business, a medium that should lend itself much more to the subscription model then music and yet is dominated by a couple of large book SELLERS not renters. Why is this? because people enjoy owning things. As the writer in this The Register article points out, people see their media collections as part of their identity, not something they simply borrow. If the market was as ripe as Napster thinks it is Libraries would rule the book business, rather than simply serving the population that can't afford to purchase books.

I think the only real market for Napster could be the tween market that has limited cash flow and an ever changing music taste. If Napster could convince parents of this market that their kids will end up stealing music if they don't get them the Napster To Go service, they might have a hit on their hands.

I welcome any thoughts on this subject, feel free to coment below.

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